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Rules and course



  1. The contest is open to all dance schools, studios and organisations, although there are expected competition categories of classic - neo-classic dance, contemporary/modern and jazz - hip hop dance, and folk-ethnic dance (appraised 1st,2nd,3rd)

  2. Following special prizes are also usually awarded:

    • Original choreography, funky, Latino dance, dance theatre, costumes, pedagogy - propaedeutics (appraised 1st,2nd,3rd)
    • Dance talent (8 appraised) and Flower Bud award (appraised 1st,2nd,3rd) for talented individuals and young hopes.
    • Special prize of the organizer, City of Prague, New Stage of National Theatre, National Theatre, Dancing hand of NPDF (1 each)
    • Participant Prix - selected by other participants voting for school/group leaving best impression of skill, character and friendship
    • BIDFOOD Czech Republic Award - prize of the partner of the New Prague Dance Festival/Competition.
    • GRISHKO International Award - prize of the partner of the New Prague Dance Festival/Competition that comes with 1000 EUR voucher.
    • Junior GRAND PRIX - prize for the best school/group of dancers up to 13 years of age, comes with 500 EUR
    • And finally the New Prague Dance Festival GRAND PRIX, main prize for the best school or group for best overall performance, traditionaly hand-crafted crystal cup together with 1000 EUR and


      - Grand prix - except for 1000 euro, the organizer will provide a participation at NPDF 2025 for the leader of the winning group (1+1) - it means the whole program including workshops and accommodation with the HB)!



  1. The order of performances and choreography selection during the evenings of the New Prague Dance Festival/Competition shall be decided at the discretion of the Jury and the direction of NPDF 2024. Each school will be able to present one or more choreographies during the contest also in various styles.

    Each group can bring max. 8 choreogaphies and the maximum time for the first evening is 10 minutes, on the 2nd a 3rd day 15 minutes (the organizer can eventually decide the length of particular choreographies or number of choreographies during one evening according to the total number of competing companies!!!). For soloist the maximum time per evening is 5 minutes only (last evening is 3 minutes only)!!!

    Gala night 7/4 2024 - any participating group can perform only one choreography, with maximum duration of 7 min. (solo perf. max 3 min.)

  2. Musical recordings for separate choreographies must be on MiniDisc or CompactDisc carriers or iPod, of good quality and the identification must include name of choreography and music, total time, music and choreography author and the name of school-studio: all the data together with rooming list of participants and their birth dates must be supplied to the management of the New Prague Dance Festival by April 20th 2024.

  3. Each school shall have max 30 minutes for its rehearsal (6/30 2024) at the given theatre (for all choreographies that will be perfored during all evenings of NPDF 2024!!!) while no exceptions shall be accepted (timetable shall be distributed together with the program by authorised staff of the New Prague Dance Festival after your arrival to Prague).

  4. Any instructions regarding light effects and/or audio effects must be agreed with the dance festival technician during the stage rehearsals (6/30 2024), however special effects shall not be accepted.

  5. Each school must have detailed list with names of all participants, their date of birth and possibly also number of passport + the following statement: “We acknowledge that none of the participants suffers from any psychical or physical disease, but is healthy!”. In a case of under age participants must be also noted that this person is present with the agreement of parents or other legislative representative.

  6. In case of any special diet requirements (e.g. religious reasons - Kosher, Halali etc.) the NPDF direction shall provide contact for specialized restaurant where the group can negotiate terms of boarding with respect to festival program.

  7. The NPDF organisation cannot provide any responsability in case of any demage or lost things, if they will be not locked in the dressrooms or watched by authorised person at all places of the NPDF 2024.

  8. The punctuality is higly recommended and also we ask not performing groups to support the other dancers on the stage (e.g. by clapping). Also do not disturb the dancing groups behind the stage and in the corridors!

  9. Storno fee is: 0% before 4/30, then 50% until 5/31, then 85% until 6/15, 100% after that.

  10. In the event of force majeure (e.g. an emergency government decree, war, natural disaster, fire, floods, industrial action and other circumstances beyond the parties’ control), the contract/contractual obligations shall not be deemed violated and the parties shall not be held liable for delay or failure to meet their contractual obligations. The party affected by an occurrence of force majeure is obliged to inform the other party of such an occurrence without undue delay.


Expected requirments for 2024 festival - Regarding the Covid-19 rules - the information will be updated according to the current situation and the regulations of the government of the Czech Republic.
We will keep you informed.



  1. The jury deciding about awarding prizes shall consist of renowned international representatives in the area of dance and shall judge on the nights specified in the prospectus.

  2. No appeal can be filed against any decision by the jury, while the jury acknowledges so, some of the prizes may not be awarded at all and there is also a possibility to cancel some of the categories. The participants will be informed about it before the beginning of the festival/competition.

  3. Any disturbance or communication with jury members during contest evenings (7/1 - 7/4 2024) is punishable by exclusion from the contest.

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